torsdag den 31. december 2009

twelve imags from a beautiful year

january; puerta vallarta with Bára,
moved in with the Digouts
february; being sick all break, Sheridan playing
Death Cab for me, hanging out in Theodore a lot

march; boston, new york, and washington with
Lorenza, Larissa, Henrik, André, Marie Jo, and Jeff.

april; saskatoon and edmonton with the Digouts,
Welcome to Reykjavik shows, Reyrey at the coffeehouse
may; Sacred grad, track meets, drama provincials
june; Regional grad, saying goodbye
july; returning to Copenhagen/Denmark, Skanderborg
festival, summer break
august; Grimfestival, starting at Birkerød Gymnasium,
moving to Copenhagen

September; living it up, pretty much
October; break, CAESAR event
november; Kaffebal,
december; Christmas, New Years break,
NYE at Anya's, goodbye '09 forever

søndag den 20. december 2009

try to kill it all away

Everyone I know
goes away in the end
and you could have it all
my empire of dirt Johnny Cash

things that make me believe i used to be a cool little girl; 1[Chinese pig doll, Irish wish stone, treasure box of teeth], 2[B&J's from Singapore], 3[old useless trophy], 4[favourite pair of blue velvet Cheap Mondays], 5[animal glove, Chinese vanity board, porcelain cat with no particular explanation], 6[race cars dripping with battery acid]

i like boys that like their mothers

I like boys with strong convictions
and convicts with perfect diction
underdogs with good intentions
amputees with stamp collections
plywood skinboards ride the ocean
salty noses suntan lotion
always seriously joking
and rambunctiously soft-spoken Kimya Dawson

søndag den 6. december 2009

leaving me disbelieving

She poured the drinks and she poured the power
Diamond girl who could talk for hours
He left me for another lady Paloma Faith
So, the thing is, I'm an IB student. I guess it's equivalent to the last years of high school/first years of college and with the twist of being international. Oh, and we all get raped twenty-four seven. Honestly, I've never worked this hard in school before, and it's insane. The projects and hand-ins and reports and essays keep rolling in, and just as you think you've reached the last assignment in your pile, a truckload of books backs through your door and overwhelms your room with sweaty anxiety and coffee-stained Snuggies all over again. I should be complaining less and do my prep for my Oral Danish Exam this week. I also was just told that I have a Physics test Wednesday. I've been going to that class for three months now and have yet to actually learn anything physical whatsoever. I sense a fail.

Anywho, something cheery: my Friday was spent at a Christmas party in my dorm, the smell of duck excrutiatingly awesome and the taste of traditional Danish rødkål and Ris a la mande long-awaited. We drank a-lot a-lot of wine and sang songs and eventually went down to the club in the basement. Instead of dancing the night away with my peeps, I got an attack of super-espresso-depresso and fell asleep crying in my room. People told me the highlight of the party was that this guy called Money disappeared and everyone went on a treasurehunt at 4 in the morning. I spent the wee hours of Saturday throwing up bits and pieces of almond into a large red bin, finally feeling better, drinking an immense amount of Diet Coke, napping, and bitching about people I don't really have a problem with. As this weekend has gone so far, I guess I won a little bit.

I've also become obsessed with Paloma Faith, her style is just too versatile and colourful and cute and bubbly for words. Mind the lesbionicality about to shine through in these pictures.

søndag den 22. november 2009

why did dicaprio have to die

You can do anything you want as long as it makes sense
mystery jets

We're all just regular everyday normal guys and mothafuckas.

all i want

All i want for christmas
Is you and you and you and you...
and you Mariah Carey

For the mind,

Canadian poetry

365 days of dark humour

artsy stuff from Yes We Can Can


big, obnoxious faux fur coat
an incredible amount of cash
to go Wasteland-crazy (Juno
shades and Mt. Ape College
sweatshirts here I come)
timed jewelry
and soul
inspirational books

itinerant tunes of some kind

fit for a fortnight

Says she's 21, shes probably 16
Got a dirty mouth
At least her teeth are clean
Jack from Tennesee
Makes me think that every girl I see
Is my cup of tea The Holloways
Another weirdly well-balanced weekend, ohoy. Friday we went to the theatre to see the Henrik Ibsen play "A Doll's House" at the folk theatre. It was quite nice, except it was like they'd tried to create a 'modern version', with cell-phones and Desigual dresses appearing here and there on the stage, but somehow it didn't quite stick.
When the play was over, almost everybody wanted to go home, or go to this party thrown by a close friends' exboyfriend, so Sofia, Christina, and I decided instead to go drink some liquorice shots on the doorsteps of Copenhagen. We ended up running around oustide the Tivoli-area in a big chain with a guy called Sam, making people join in streetdances and tripping over homeless Italians.
I woke up distressed, after a very off-putting dream, had a shower, and went back into the city to babysit my cousin Eileen. We ate caramel chew chew, drank too much green tea and watched an excessive amount of musicals - I fell asleep first, defeated.
On my way home this morning, I stopped at the Central Station for coffee (my favourite 7-11 guy always stamps my card twice, bless him) and fell over the most magnificent 5 albums for 100 kr (app. $20) sale. Hurray for other people not appreciating my music, have a nice Sunday out there. My personal must-hears;
"Hell Yeah/and if you don't believe in Hell/
c'mon and just yell yeah" Yell Yeah!
"You know London will kill her/you can't let
the smoke have it's way" Most Lonely Face
"You can't fool me Dennis/knock me in a
cocked hat/you always played with a
straight bat" You Can't Fool Me Dennis
"Heal, why don't you heal/killing the doctor/
it's real, it's almost real" Killing the Doctor
and track # 6, Interlude in F Major.
"You better cry hard/cause I'm the
worst and the best right through this"
Demons (Are a Girl's Best Friend)