tirsdag den 25. august 2009

i'd take it all and then i'd find a way to share

The Boarding School; Three Great Things

#1 The Freedom
It feels great to be allowed to do whatever you want (with resbonsibility and within reason). We have an 11 pm curfew on school days, but the teachers usually cut everybody a lot of slack, and there hasn't really been anyone to check up on us the last four or five days, which makes it very easy to have late-night movie-watching parties or take the train to other parts of Copenhagen and attend things like Zulu Sommerbio, a very cosy, entirely free outdoors movie experience. The other day they played the Sex and the City movie, and a bunch of us (giddy) girls and (reluctant) boys went. It was nice, but a little cold, and we were back around one, which we all regretted a little when we had to take a Standard Level math test the next morning at 8.
#2 The People
Fo shiz, this is the greatest place in the world if you're a person who likes having friends. If that's not the case, maybe it's time to jump off that bridge once and for all. It's just the best atmosphere, yet we're all so privileged as to have our own (very small, yet private) dorm rooms to retreat to when the socialization gets a little overpowering. This guy, Malcolm, lives two doors down from me here in the lower A-hall. When I'm sick he makes me tea (when I asked him if he knew how to make it, he angrily exclaimed: "Fuck you, Anne, I'm bri'ish!"), when he's thirsty I give him Diet Coke. When my room is cluttered after I party, he lets me borrow his bed, and when his room is smelly I clean it for him. It's a grand relationship. And the best part is: it's not the only one of the kind I have here at the boarding school.

#3 The Love
Whether it's between dormies, friends, or lovers, it is the most awesome part of life here. The love is so incredible, it easily gets overwhelming, but never unbearable. Sometimes it can even be a little disturbing (like when Malcolm runs around the hall only wearing briefs and doing booty-shake dances) or awkward (like when everybody gets really, really drunk at the friday night King's party [there was free beer] and tries their best to avoid eye contact with other humans the rest of the weekend) or just plain weird (I saw Malcolm naked in the shower [and loved it, d'uh]). But usually, it's a lovely lovely place to be, and I will be sharing much more IB-programme and boarding school-information on a seperate blog I'm doing for CAS points at
www.ib-life.blogspot.com, which should be up and running pretty soon.

lørdag den 22. august 2009

I guess calling a coworker a lesbian sea cow is some kind of violation

While waiting for my hungover friend, this pretty blonde lady, to pay me a visit, I started a vegan cooking project for an American friend of mine who just turned eighteen.

my culinary-skilled über-vegan sister showed me how to make a
veg 'egg' mix using flax and oil

Yes, I got a bladder infection again. It's a long story about how my
organs are messed up, and basically it just means I have to drink lots
all the time (which everybody theoretically has to anyways) and
supplemet with cranberries as much as possible. I popped a few
into the peanutbutter/choc chip cookies just for tries. Delish.
Rhhhm rhhhm rhhhm, recipe here.
Uh, and a little more weekend stuff;
  • this is like FML.com but in a more sex-obsessed, twisted drunk way. Needless to say, brilliant.
  • can you believe this? I'm sad my birthday is over and I have to wait for Christmas to put it on my wishlist
  • detox week coming up. I'm getting this tea and a membership at this gym, which is just around the corner from my dorm. Yay yay yay.

fredag den 21. august 2009

build a wall of books between us in our bed

This makes me kind of happy that I rock an original shuffle. Even if sound is only played in the left ear.

a random selection of white-ear phones moments

there will always be garbage

Quote by Emily Niezgoda

Tonight I've been spending the evening at my parents'. My Mom got out of the hospital and everything was "oh have some more artichoke salad, Anne", "is the wine good for you?" and "your sister is moving to Copenhagen next week already, so you could go to IKEA together, doesn't that sound nice?". It was lovely, don't get me wrong, but it's kind of a peculiar feeling to be the daughter who takes a four-hour train ride to see her parents for the weekend, talking, watching movies and eating, and then returning back to her boarding-school island Sunday afternoon. Peculiar in a good way, though.

I'm in my (old) room, packing more dresses and wollen socks, whilst filling out formulas for the post service, South Park playing in the background and tea brewing on the late-night shadowed counter. I googled Diet Coke and discovered that the slogan of '06 was Light It Up. Ambiguous much? I wanted to watch the commercial from last year, "What life should be like", but instead I ended up watching a long row of condom ads, really cool ones like this and this one.

Crab people, crab people, craaaab people... I love love love her

but did she sell out a little here?
actually... who cares. It's Zooey Deschanel
...and kind of catchy.

torsdag den 20. august 2009

frankie what would you like me to do?

INTROTRIP! The first bigger excursion with my new class of first-year IB students. It was okay, the trip itself, but what made it awsome was all the people I hadn't yet had a chance to meet earlier in the week. We went to Frederiksborg Castle (very Danish and fairytale-y, and conveniently close enough to the school to make the transportation fees cheaper) and Tegners Museum (no pictures allowed, stupid Rudolph Tegner), and then we were supposed to play a game of round ball, another Danish treat which is kind of like baseball but with less rules, more sloppiness, and a far greater amount of screaming and rude insults coming from the sidelines. All good fun, except the smart teachers of Birkerød Gymnasium (BG) decided that there wasn't a place in the area suitable for that kind of game - and made us play Live Stratego instead. Oh my effing God that was dumb. I was a Bomb and a Bomb Attender and a Lieutenant and for some reason I kept dying or being attacked and it was really confusing all together. Apparently my team won, but I'm pretty sure we all cheated like sailors so who cares. On the bus trip home Jonathan and I ate apples and listened to all my favourite songs on his iPod, especially this one and this one.

tirsdag den 18. august 2009

young and sweet

... only seventeen

Shortly after I turned 17 I went to the hairdresser, who told me
my previous cut was such a fugly disaster I had to get at least three
inches taken off, just for starters. Now my hair is stupidly shoulder-
length and I feel weird washing it.
A cat-bag from Stockholm, a Fever Ray album, a couple of books,
organic shampoo, and a little bit of money.

The last piece of birthday cake, eaten 9 days after it was made.
Uh la laa, swine flu.

black and white a red and blue things that look good on you

Guess who was really really hungover after the festivals and spent all day making plastic-pearl jewelry! Yes, me me me. And then I packed and packed and packed some more.

champagne bitches at the festival ground

... it's time to raise your glass, say yeah, scream louder, get better, run faster, fall harder, escape, escape, escape!

Skanderborg festival 2009

mandag den 3. august 2009

festival train

Just for you, Landon, with love from another lonely alien.