søndag den 6. december 2009

leaving me disbelieving

She poured the drinks and she poured the power
Diamond girl who could talk for hours
He left me for another lady Paloma Faith
So, the thing is, I'm an IB student. I guess it's equivalent to the last years of high school/first years of college and with the twist of being international. Oh, and we all get raped twenty-four seven. Honestly, I've never worked this hard in school before, and it's insane. The projects and hand-ins and reports and essays keep rolling in, and just as you think you've reached the last assignment in your pile, a truckload of books backs through your door and overwhelms your room with sweaty anxiety and coffee-stained Snuggies all over again. I should be complaining less and do my prep for my Oral Danish Exam this week. I also was just told that I have a Physics test Wednesday. I've been going to that class for three months now and have yet to actually learn anything physical whatsoever. I sense a fail.

Anywho, something cheery: my Friday was spent at a Christmas party in my dorm, the smell of duck excrutiatingly awesome and the taste of traditional Danish rødkål and Ris a la mande long-awaited. We drank a-lot a-lot of wine and sang songs and eventually went down to the club in the basement. Instead of dancing the night away with my peeps, I got an attack of super-espresso-depresso and fell asleep crying in my room. People told me the highlight of the party was that this guy called Money disappeared and everyone went on a treasurehunt at 4 in the morning. I spent the wee hours of Saturday throwing up bits and pieces of almond into a large red bin, finally feeling better, drinking an immense amount of Diet Coke, napping, and bitching about people I don't really have a problem with. As this weekend has gone so far, I guess I won a little bit.

I've also become obsessed with Paloma Faith, her style is just too versatile and colourful and cute and bubbly for words. Mind the lesbionicality about to shine through in these pictures.

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lindy/ sagde ...

Mmmm, that yummy almond stuff :)

Enna D'lor sagde ...

yeah, not so good the second time around, surprisingly