torsdag den 31. december 2009

twelve imags from a beautiful year

january; puerta vallarta with Bára,
moved in with the Digouts
february; being sick all break, Sheridan playing
Death Cab for me, hanging out in Theodore a lot

march; boston, new york, and washington with
Lorenza, Larissa, Henrik, André, Marie Jo, and Jeff.

april; saskatoon and edmonton with the Digouts,
Welcome to Reykjavik shows, Reyrey at the coffeehouse
may; Sacred grad, track meets, drama provincials
june; Regional grad, saying goodbye
july; returning to Copenhagen/Denmark, Skanderborg
festival, summer break
august; Grimfestival, starting at Birkerød Gymnasium,
moving to Copenhagen

September; living it up, pretty much
October; break, CAESAR event
november; Kaffebal,
december; Christmas, New Years break,
NYE at Anya's, goodbye '09 forever

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lindy/ sagde ...

February: Lindsey returned to home. My heart has had an Australian shaped hole in it ever since. Oh and Paris Hilton's New BFF marathon!

{ I V Y } sagde ...

these photos are beautiful! i love the last photo, great hair and wall! hahaa